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inactiveTopic Direct manipulation languages
started 2/1/2002; 7:32:49 AM - last post 2/4/2002; 11:14:05 PM
Ehud Lamm - Direct manipulation languages  blueArrow
2/1/2002; 7:32:49 AM (reads: 539, responses: 3)
I am thinking of languages where the programmer can manipulate objects (usually in a graphical environemnt), study their properties etc. and insert code only where and when it is required.

Is there a better term?

Languages that come to mind: Smalltalk, Squeak morphs, VB, Hypercard/Pythoncard.


I have some vague educational ideas in mind, and I'd like a language that has name-appeal, but that empowers users early on in their learning.

(I thought that the VB/VBA connection may be interesting in this reagard).

water - Re: Direct manipulation languages  blueArrow
2/3/2002; 1:05:59 PM (reads: 576, responses: 1)
You didn't mention one of the originals, Self, as well as Prograph (which is still available). There's also the Napier88 series of languages, although there's no free version of that.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Direct manipulation languages  blueArrow
2/3/2002; 1:18:22 PM (reads: 627, responses: 0)
What's Napier88? Never heard of it (I think!)

water - Re: Direct manipulation languages  blueArrow
2/4/2002; 11:14:05 PM (reads: 569, responses: 0)
It's supposed to be here, but apparently the web site is down. Basically they developed a series of procedural/OOP languages with a virtual machine implementation. Object storage was persistent and somewhat orthogonal, and there was a direct-manipulation user interface termed a "hyper-programming" environment. One successor that comes to mind was called ProcessBase. A CiteSeer or Google search for Napier88 does return the interesting papers about it.