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Chris Rathman - Clean Shapes  blueArrow
10/12/2000; 1:00:48 PM (reads: 595, responses: 0)
Clean Shapes
Under the heading of recreational programming, I completed the Clean code for my shape example page. Being purely functional, the Clean language is not particularly friendly to the object oriented example. Still, it supports classes and generic programming in the fashion of Haskell.

The documents for Clean relate existential types to OO programming but the final result I give does not use them. Instead, I opted to make the code use classes in much the same fashion I used for the Haskell example. Though existential types have potential for dynamic dispatch and encapsulation, they do not support inheritance or common interfaces between different types - making them of very little use for the shape polymorphism example.

Finally, while I'm on the language, I should mention that Clean is going Open Source in the near future
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