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Chris Rathman - Functional Python  blueArrow
10/12/2000; 6:47:45 PM (reads: 544, responses: 1)
Functional Python
Under the ask and you shall receive department, here's the announcement for version 0.6: "It includes support for closures, curried functions, lazy expressions, lazy tuples and lazy equivalents for map, filter, reduce, and zip."

Also noteworthy is an interview with the creators of Vypor and Stackless Python. Vypor is a version of Python written completely in O'Caml while Stackless Python (as mentioned before) brings continuations to the language.
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andrew cooke - Re: Functional Python  blueArrow
10/15/2000; 1:40:55 PM (reads: 554, responses: 0)
this thread is connected with stackless python and .NET, so it ties in with a few discussions lately (and confirms what you said about .NET being designed more to support othe rlanguages than the JVM).