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started 10/16/2000; 10:16:36 AM - last post 10/25/2000; 1:59:42 PM
andrew cooke - Generic Java  blueArrow
10/16/2000; 10:16:36 AM (reads: 449, responses: 2)
Generic Java
Somewhere in the Stepanov-related discussion about Eiffel I read a comment (maybe not on this site) saying that some kind of support for parameterized types was likely to be implemented in Java.

Today, while looking at an obscure but dangerous bug in Java, I noticed that years ago I had voted for this request for covariant return types. A comment at the top of that document has a broken link that, presumably, should refer to the link above...

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andrew cooke - Re: Generic Java  blueArrow
10/16/2000; 10:22:12 AM (reads: 429, responses: 0)
It may not be immediately clear from the link, but this appears to have been "approved" a week ago...

andrew cooke - Re: Generic Java  blueArrow
10/25/2000; 1:59:42 PM (reads: 460, responses: 0)
With this new discussion threading (a big improvement) I just found that a much better link about generic Java was posted last month (look at the September discussions). Sorry!