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Ehud Lamm - Extreme Markup Languages 2002  blueArrow
2/3/2002; 1:38:05 PM (reads: 1127, responses: 0)
Extreme Markup Languages 2002
Not for beginners, nor the technically faint. This is the edge, the hard bits, the theory behind the practice, the practice that outstrips current theory -- the Extreme.

At Extreme Markup Languages software developers, markup theorists, philosophers of information, knowledge representers (and presenters!), and the kind of people who like hanging around with them devote the better part of a week to the unfettered pursuit of better understanding of problems of information management, knowledge systems, markup, formal languages, the search for a better parser interface, and the development of markup-related software.

The CFP is up. Sounds like fun (esp. if you are from Canada).

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