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Chris Rathman - Stackless Python Roadmap  blueArrow
10/18/2000; 1:17:10 PM (reads: 229, responses: 0)
Stackless Python Roadmap
The link gives some of the thinking about how Stackless Python might be accepted into the main Python distribution. The main stumbling block is the JPython version since the Java VM is not particularly friendly to the concept and implementation.

Which reminds me of a discussion a couple years back with some Smalltalk people. There was talk of using the JVM as a target for a Smalltalk environment but the biggest hassle was the Code blocks in general and Unwind portion in particular. The Sun folks were very unreceptive to modifying the VM to solve the problems.

I've been told that IBM's Visual Age for Java solved the problem in the opposite direction. VAJ is supposedly a Smalltalk environment with a Java VM built on top.
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