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Ehud Lamm - Common Lisp Cookbook  blueArrow
2/6/2002; 1:24:11 PM (reads: 772, responses: 1)
Common Lisp Cookbook
(via lemonodor)

This is a collaborative project that aims to provide for Common Lisp something similar to the Perl Cookbook published by O'Reilly.

The important thing to remember when writing cookbooks for different languages, is that it's not just that you cook differently in each language, you cook different things...

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scruzia - Re: Common Lisp Cookbook  blueArrow
2/6/2002; 3:13:50 PM (reads: 800, responses: 0)
So, when are O'Reilly going to sponsor an Iron Chef showdown, among all these cookbooks?

Check out the Python one ...