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inactiveTopic One Runtime to Bind Them All
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Ehud Lamm - One Runtime to Bind Them All  blueArrow
2/8/2002; 1:48:15 PM (reads: 1614, responses: 0)
One Runtime to Bind Them All
(via CamWorld)

We follow with a partial list of limitations of the CLR/CTS/CLS...

The list of limitations includes:

  • The CLS only supports single, static inheritance.
  • There is currently zero support for generic programming in the CLS
  • The CLS only supports a standard model of vtable-based / single-receiver method dispatch, static-typed signatures, and single return. There are no first-class methods.

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Posted to cross-language-runtimes by Ehud Lamm on 2/8/02; 1:48:50 PM