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inactiveTopic A Programming Paradox
started 2/18/2002; 1:46:57 PM - last post 2/19/2002; 9:48:17 PM
Ehud Lamm - A Programming Paradox  blueArrow
2/18/2002; 1:46:57 PM (reads: 1533, responses: 3)
A Programming Paradox
(via KeithBa's Blog)

...whole forests are dying to compensate for the XML community's one great failure - the lack of a decent programming model for manipulating XML.

Right on.

We are drowning in XML and web related stuff here. Please, someone, post some interesting theory!

Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 2/18/02; 1:54:40 PM

Patrick Logan - Re: A Programming Paradox  blueArrow
2/19/2002; 7:37:47 PM (reads: 943, responses: 1)
I'm finding the evolution of XML more than a little ironic. How far can that syntax be stretched? Should it be?

Oleg - Re: A Programming Paradox  blueArrow
2/19/2002; 8:21:03 PM (reads: 989, responses: 0)
At ICFP'2000 in Montreal, Philip Wadler sported a T-shirt that displayed </XML> on the front and (LISP) on the back.

Patrick Logan - Re: A Programming Paradox  blueArrow
2/19/2002; 9:48:17 PM (reads: 918, responses: 0)
I love it. "Stop XML" is that how it would be pronounced? "End of XML"?