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started 10/25/2000; 2:49:29 AM - last post 10/25/2000; 1:11:18 PM
Ehud Lamm - Discussion Group  blueArrow
10/25/2000; 2:49:29 AM (reads: 543, responses: 3)
Discussion Group
I changed the look of the DG (from chronoligcal to topical view). The topical view seems nicer, at least on first sight.

Tell me what you think.
Posted to "" by Ehud Lamm on 10/25/00; 2:50:25 AM

andrew cooke - Re: Discussion Group  blueArrow
10/25/2000; 3:50:03 AM (reads: 569, responses: 0)
Yikes. That changed while I was posting. Thought the whole thing had crashed! Looks good.

Chris Rathman - Re: Discussion Group  blueArrow
10/25/2000; 8:01:10 AM (reads: 567, responses: 0)
I like it much better. Much easier to find current and older stuff - and it's also fairly easy to get a chronological view if I need to go back to the old way.

Speaking of finding stuff, I can't seem to access your website at:

Ehud Lamm - Re: Discussion Group  blueArrow
10/25/2000; 1:11:18 PM (reads: 552, responses: 0)
I use, and they are real bad. The downtime is awful, and most of the time I can't access it to update. That's why the content changes so slowly...

When I get the time, I'll move the site somewhere else.

The site usually comes back to life... They don't notify or answer my emails.

I know: Don't look a gift horse etc.etc.