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started 2/22/2002; 12:02:44 PM - last post 2/22/2002; 12:05:53 PM
Brent Fulgham - Design By Contract  blueArrow
2/22/2002; 12:02:44 PM (reads: 873, responses: 1)
Seeing the earlier link to Dan Friedman's essay started me thinking about the PLT group. Since Ehud is presenting a paper on DBC in Ada, it might be helpful to read Findler, Latendresse, and Felleisen's various works on Contract Soundness and Behavioral Contracts, all of which are located at the PLT groups' publications site.

The main thing I got out of these is that even Eiffel's handling of inheritence with respect to enforcing contracts is not quite right.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Design By Contract  blueArrow
2/22/2002; 12:05:53 PM (reads: 932, responses: 0)
Indeed, I base much of my approach on the results presented in these papers.