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Ehud Lamm - Ja.NET  blueArrow
2/25/2002; 8:20:17 AM (reads: 528, responses: 2)
(via Peter Drayton's Radio Weblog)

Ja.NET is a unique bridge between the world of Java and the world of Microsoft .NET...

Use any language supported by .NET to write clients for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs). .NET will support many different languages, each one of these languages can then use Ja.NET to provide interoperability with standard Java objects or Entity Java Beans...

...Ja.NET enables components created in Java to be reused from .NET technologies, and vice versa.

Peter writes about coonecting Java and .Net remoting using Ja.Net. Sounds interesting. Wish I knew more about .Net remoting, which sounds really cool.

Anyone wants to share his experience?

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 2/25/02; 8:23:52 AM

Steve - Re: Ja.NET  blueArrow
4/19/2002; 10:07:16 PM (reads: 471, responses: 1)
Hi Peter,

I've had a working experience with another cool middleware solution known as iHUB from a company named halcyonsoft. I'm really fortunate enough to get my hands on such a cool product as it has successfully integrated our 7 of 9 operational departments with heterogeneous computing environments.

Java and .NET are the two major contenders in the enterprise application framework arena. This product offers seamless integration between the two platforms, as well as Windows legacy applications, that provide developers the best of both the worlds.

Using iHUB, a Web Form (.NET) can access an EJB (J2EE) that may be hosted under any application server on a non-Windows machine halfway across the world. Similarly a JSP (Java Server Pages) application on a S/390 mainframe can embed and utilize a .NET CLR object as if it were a local JavaBean component. The product simply removes the framework barriers and functional limitations that discourage developers from building cross-platform and truly distributed applications.

iHUB can be used for complete end-to-end integration between Web Services, COM/ActiveX, EJBs, .NET CLR objects and more on disparate frameworks and application servers including Microsoft .NET, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Sun iPlanet, and Oracle 9i Application Server.

The product is awesome. Highly recommended.

A free evaluation download of the iHUB is available at

Ehud Lamm - Re: Ja.NET  blueArrow
4/20/2002; 4:23:02 AM (reads: 524, responses: 0)
Could you please clarify whether you have any connection to this product, aside from being a satisfied customer?