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Ehud Lamm - Brainteaser  blueArrow
2/26/2002; 2:38:22 AM (reads: 3321, responses: 3)
Continuing the theme of cross-language integration, here's one of my favorite "language gumbo" brainteasers...
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Dan Shappir - Re: Brainteaser  blueArrow
2/27/2002; 2:53:26 AM (reads: 2182, responses: 0)

This is related to my posting on VB.NET Shadowing. Basically, the method overloading/hiding rules in VB.NET and C# are different. This does go to show that C# and VB.NET are different semantically as well as syntactically, though not necessarily in a good way.

This is also a good indication why I think VB.NET is a dead-end. Since most MS developers prefer C# (or so it seems) its safe to assume that most samples will use C#. As this brainteaser shows, translating these samples to VB.NET may not be so trivial.

Adam Vandenberg - Re: Brainteaser  blueArrow
2/27/2002; 8:53:05 PM (reads: 2145, responses: 0)
Another recent snippet on VB.NET vs C# differences: Making a decision: C# or VB.NET.

Despite VB.NET and C# having more-or-less identical capabilities, there are subtle semantic differences like this coming up now that people are digging into .NET.

This makes me wonder even more about third party languages being ported to .NET. No doubt they'll be even more subtle differences.

(Huh, ".NET." at the end of a sentance sure looks weird.)

Ehud Lamm - Re: Brainteaser Answer  blueArrow
2/28/2002; 12:47:42 AM (reads: 2155, responses: 0)