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inactiveTopic The developer's dilemma
started 2/27/2002; 4:43:38 AM - last post 3/1/2002; 5:19:52 AM
Dan Shappir - The developer's dilemma  blueArrow
2/27/2002; 4:43:38 AM (reads: 1263, responses: 2)
The developer's dilemma
So today's developers will use one of three languages: Java, C# or VB.Net. How do these compare to C++ and VB, the languages that dominated the market five years ago?

So Ehud, looks like you will have to give up on Ada. I'm also wondering which one of these three Frank will use. I'm guessing VB.NET.

This is a terrible quote from a not-so-good article. But since its a featured commentary on ZDNet, I think its worth a look. This article has also spawned a thread on Slashdot.

Posted to critiques by Dan Shappir on 2/27/02; 4:50:06 AM

rev - Re: The developer's dilemma  blueArrow
2/27/2002; 11:57:20 AM (reads: 787, responses: 0)
This silly piece of text is what we call a bullshit-sammich. From the first sentence on, this is evident.

"Given the speed at which technology changes, the world is much different than it was even five years ago. "

The fast-moving technology to which he's referring is Java and .NET, neither of which do anything novel. It's all been a part of languages like Smalltalk for 25 years. Common Lisp + CLOS offers features above and beyond these poor man's Smalltalks, but it's really on a totally different level than the "quickly advancing" world of technology.

New vendor, new syntax, new sugar, new name. Net change: nil.

I hate this kind of moronic ranting. Achieves nothing but to confuse and misinform the huge amount of "average" programmers, and even worse, suits, out in the world.

Frank Atanassow - Re: The developer's dilemma  blueArrow
3/1/2002; 5:19:52 AM (reads: 715, responses: 0)
I'm also wondering which one of these three Frank will use. I'm guessing VB.NET.
Boy are you asking for a beating! :) You would do better to ask a soldier whether he prefers to shoot himself in the foot, the ankle or the kneecaps.