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Ehud Lamm - rST - Remote Smalltalk  blueArrow
2/28/2002; 4:15:20 AM (reads: 2097, responses: 5)
rST - Remote Smalltalk
Framework for supporting distributed Squeak objects. The main goal of the project is transparency, so you don't need to change your objects to become remote. Another goal is to handle intermittence in the availability of the images, so PDA and Notebooks can interoperate in a distributed environment. Each object decides to pass "as copy" or "as reference", in the default implementation all objects pass "by reference" but Booleans, String, Character, Number and UndefinedObject (see implementors of #remoteType).

This sounds cool.

Transpatent distributed objects are the wave of the future...
Posted to OOP by Ehud Lamm on 2/28/02; 4:16:24 AM

Manuel Simoni - Re: rST - Remote Smalltalk  blueArrow
2/28/2002; 5:52:13 AM (reads: 1021, responses: 0)
>Transpatent distributed objects are the wave of the future...

The Ruby facility for them can be found at

scruzia - Re: rST - Remote Smalltalk  blueArrow
2/28/2002; 5:16:32 PM (reads: 973, responses: 0)
Transpatent software in general is the wave of the future. Whatever idiot in the patent office first decided it was OK to apply patents to software should have been fired. Oops, wrong topic. Did you mean to say "transparent"? I like the typo...

Ehud Lamm - Re: rST - Remote Smalltalk  blueArrow
3/1/2002; 1:35:30 AM (reads: 964, responses: 0)

Noel Welsh - Re: rST - Remote Smalltalk  blueArrow
3/1/2002; 7:53:48 AM (reads: 962, responses: 0)
Just a note: the Java RMI system was delibaretly not made transparent as they felt that distributed systems have different characteristics to centralised systems, namely that parts can fail at any time, and that this needed to made explicit to the developer.

I've done some work with RMI and it's a pain to have separate Remote interfaces from the normal interfaces (everything that can be called remotely can throw a RemoteException and with Java's type system this gets annoying). I can't comment on whether this design decision is a good 'un or a bad 'un as I've never used a transparent distributed system.

Luke Gorrie - Re: rST - Remote Smalltalk  blueArrow
3/2/2002; 2:00:07 PM (reads: 962, responses: 0)
There's a good paper by some Sun people explaining the feeling Noel mentions, it's at