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inactiveTopic Discovering Squeak
started 2/28/2002; 4:19:15 AM - last post 3/6/2002; 9:31:10 PM
Ehud Lamm - Discovering Squeak  blueArrow
2/28/2002; 4:19:15 AM (reads: 1783, responses: 1)
Discovering Squeak
This project has grown out my frustration in trying to learn to Squeak. It is an example of the open source concept that work on a large collaborative project often happens when an individual "scratches his itch".

The beginning of an online (wiki based!) book on Squeak.

Newbies may enjoy reading this while learning. Experts may help make it happen.

Posted to OOP by Ehud Lamm on 2/28/02; 4:19:29 AM

Doug Way - Re: Discovering Squeak  blueArrow
3/6/2002; 9:31:10 PM (reads: 641, responses: 0)
I just wanted to comment (belatedly) that this is an excellent idea.

However, others have periodically proposed to do similar things (various documentation initiatives) for Squeak, and the effort often fizzles out. Where this one might be different is that it is hosted on the Squeak Swiki, and could benefit from integration with the rest of the Swiki in building up a strong documentation base.

See Hannes Hirzel's comments at the bottom of this page for some ideas on how this integration could be done: Basically, the Squeak Swiki needs some more effort put into making it an interlinked encyclopedia, with all of the essential Squeak concepts having their own definition pages. This has worked well for the C2 Patterns Wiki, but is not quite there yet for the Squeak Swiki.