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inactiveTopic Personal intro. to the community.
started 3/9/2002; 9:06:41 AM - last post 3/9/2002; 10:47:13 AM
Brian Lee - Personal intro. to the community.  blueArrow
3/9/2002; 9:06:41 AM (reads: 279, responses: 1)
Greetings to all. I'm Brian Lee from Toronto, Canada. I've too many interests to list, but amongst them are formal languages and programming. While C was my first language, I have a preference for languages that are interactive, easy to extend, and thus allow for rapid prototyping, experimentation, and reflection of my personal likes and dislikes in a language. Thus, I'd have to list ABC, Python, REBOL, and (soon to be my ultimate fave) Forth. My main endeavour for the future is to prove to myself the validity of a hypothesis I have; that REBOL is an extremely extended type of Forth, and I will work towards my own implementation. Please note that I have no formal education in computer science, so please be gentle with me if I seem a bit lost, in general, at times :) Learning is a life-long occupation.

- A personal thanks to Andrew Cooke for directing me to this language site.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Personal intro. to the community.  blueArrow
3/9/2002; 10:47:13 AM (reads: 307, responses: 0)
Welcome to LtU!