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Ehud Lamm - Implementation Strategies for Continuations  blueArrow
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Implementation Strategies for Continuations
Will Clinger, Anne Hartheimer, Eric Ost. Implementation strategies for continuations. Proceedings of the 1988 ACM conference on LISP and functional programming.

Scheme and Smalltalk continuations may have unlimited extent. This means that a purely stack-based implementation of continuations, as suffices for most languages, is inadequate. Several implementation strategies have been described in the literature. Determining which is best reuqires knowledge of the kinds of programs that will commonly be run.

I found this through the LL1 discussion list which is mostly dead by now. This message gives more details as to the origin of the paper.

This paper may help make the quite abstract concept of continuations more concrete - since it describes implementation techniques. It also touches on how continuations are used in practice.

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