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inactiveTopic Languages for programming PDAs
started 3/15/2002; 3:04:17 PM - last post 3/15/2002; 5:54:23 PM
Ehud Lamm - Languages for programming PDAs  blueArrow
3/15/2002; 3:04:17 PM (reads: 542, responses: 1)
Languages for programming PDAs
A good list of resources.

Personally, I decided Squeak was too complicated for my needs and installed Pocket Scheme which proved easy to install and use.

What I would like to see is a GUI toolkit targeted for PDAs and integrated with a PDA hosted IDE. I don't think something like this is available for free (and I just don't know about the commercial tools that are available).

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rev - Re: Languages for programming PDAs  blueArrow
3/15/2002; 5:54:23 PM (reads: 471, responses: 0)
I'm using Squeak to create an entire PDA environment to supplant WinCE, Linux/PDA, or anything else on top of which Squeak can runs. At, there is some information about the project, but admittedly, not much. I'm sick of inconsistent software systems that are impossible to extend, customize and script, so I'm creating my own in Squeak. May not be practical for other people to use it, but in all honesty, I'm most concerned about what I want out of a portable computer.

When the Dynapad has reached some point of completion, it will have something like you describe- an IDE designed for a small screen, with it's own straight forward GUI API that uses Morphic for display. NewtDevEnv on the Newton also achieves this goal very well, IMO, but falls a little short on account of there being no debugger.