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Ehud Lamm - Flash MX  blueArrow
3/15/2002; 3:36:32 PM (reads: 700, responses: 4)
Flash MX
Another attempt to gain market share by creating a proprietary language. I can understand the feeling voiced in the essay, but I also know that sometimes people with honorable intentions can decide that the best way to create a robust software solution is to design a language and create a run time environment. (This approach shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone reading LtU!).

Anyway, the whitepaper about Flash MX (linked from the top of the essay) contains some interesting points.

And by the way: You may enjoy the Untold History of Flash.

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nickmain - Re: Flash MX  blueArrow
3/16/2002; 8:43:21 AM (reads: 728, responses: 1)
It is interesting to note that the only "mainstream" way to view SVG is through the Adobe SVG Plugin. There are many other viewers (the most well known being the Apache project's Batik Java viewer - although that doesn't have dynamic scripting functionality yet). However, it is difficult to see when there is going to be fully standard SVG capability deployed in the majority of browsers (not necessarily fully compliant - just something that you know works the same everywhere).

I don't know who I'd choose as the lesser of the two evils between Macromedia and Adobe - but the Flash vs. SVG battle really boils down to the rivalry between these two.

I admit I drink from the Flash cool-aid but there are still some things worth noting:

Flash MX player - 380 K Adobe SVG viewer - 2.24 M

SWF, the Flash file format, is open (even Macromedia has described it as such) and there are several open source libraries for producing it in C++, Perl, PHP, Python and Java (plug).

With MX the scripting has become (almost) fully ECMA/JavaScript compliant (they added a 'switch' statement and prototypes) - so whichever vector format prevails we all know which language we should learn in order to script it. I always knew JS would take over the world..

Ehud Lamm - Re: Flash MX  blueArrow
3/16/2002; 12:48:55 PM (reads: 772, responses: 0)
Where can one find (online) decent descriptions of SWF and rhe scripting framework?

Chris Peterson - Re: Flash MX  blueArrow
3/16/2002; 2:09:04 PM (reads: 763, responses: 0)
You can download Macromedia's official SWF file format documenation here:

but I think has easier docs and some code examples:

Ehud Lamm - Re: Flash MX  blueArrow
3/17/2002; 1:29:24 AM (reads: 707, responses: 0)