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inactiveTopic study of the "list comprehension" sugar
started 3/17/2002; 1:23:42 AM - last post 3/21/2002; 1:08:51 PM
Ehud Lamm - study of the "list comprehension" sugar  blueArrow
3/17/2002; 1:23:42 AM (reads: 2487, responses: 1)
study of the "list comprehension" sugar
An interesting comp.lang.functional thread:

I'm looking for an empirical study of the use of list comprehension The goal is to answer "list comprehension is only sugar, is it worth it?"

Notation is important. Without sugar life can be very bitter... But is this specific notation useful? Seems to me that it is, but this is not based on any empirical study, of course.

Even is you like comprehensions, it may be fruitful to consider ways to make comprehensions easier, or more powerful. For example, adding support for parallel list comprehensions.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: study of the  blueArrow
3/21/2002; 1:08:51 PM (reads: 1712, responses: 0)
As was to be expected, the thread quickly difted into one of the usuall black holes - whether whitespace should be meaningful.