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started 3/18/2002; 7:01:28 AM - last post 3/18/2002; 7:01:28 AM
Ehud Lamm - OPML to SVG  blueArrow
3/18/2002; 7:01:28 AM (reads: 1127, responses: 0)
Well, everybody is linking to this, and we do have an xml department...

I've been thinking recently about using SVG to show graphs. There are many examples of this sort of use. It should be possible to design a universal XML format for data intended to be graphed, so that it would be easy to build the needed XSL to translate this format to SVG (with interactive graphs etc.) In this usage scenario instead of creating SVG you use the more natural description of the data, and graphing tools do the rest. Now that I think of it, maybe OPML is suitable for this job. Or maybe someone has already designed exaclty this thing?

Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 3/18/02; 8:01:07 AM