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inactiveTopic Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming Languages
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Ehud Lamm - Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming Languages  blueArrow
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Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming Languages
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Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming Languages: Types and Semantics. Kim B. Bruce. The MIT Press. ISBN 0-262-02523-X

The target audience for the book includes researchers, graduate students, and others interested in understanding the types, semantics, and language design issues relevant to the study of object-oriented languages.

Five chapters are available online. Chpater 3, Type Problems in Object-Oriented Languages looks promising:

We begin our study of the type systems of object-oriented programming languages by first providing a critique of the type systems of existing statically typed object-oriented programming languages. The reason for providing such a critique is that our goal is not only to describe existing programming languages, but also to use a deep understanding of the object-oriented concepts in order to design better object-oriented languages... we hope this chapter will give the reader a better insight into the overall goals of this work and provide motivation for the later work on extending the expressiveness of object-oriented languages.

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