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andrew cooke - More .NET info from elj  blueArrow
10/30/2000; 1:09:50 AM (reads: 324, responses: 1)
More .NET info from elj
C# does not seem to be as important as some commentators have suggested: it is simply an embodiment of the underlying model. I think MS are quite serious about multi-langauge support.

Also, see the comments from Meyer at the link in the next article on that page which includes calling MS ASP code from Eiffel (I think!).
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Chris Rathman - Re: More .NET info from elj  blueArrow
10/30/2000; 12:21:05 PM (reads: 319, responses: 0)
Personally, I think Meyer is being a bit too gung ho for .NET, but time shall tell whether his choice for Eiffel# is wise. That aside, the thing which caught my eye was the Contract product that allows you to build Eiffel contracts on top of any class, whether that class was written in Eiffel or another language. Must be the ISE staff has figured out a nice way to handle contracts in the CLR.