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inactiveTopic COM support in Python
started 3/23/2002; 3:10:20 PM - last post 3/23/2002; 3:10:20 PM
Ehud Lamm - COM support in Python  blueArrow
3/23/2002; 3:10:20 PM (reads: 2064, responses: 0)
COM support in Python
A very detailed presentation about the design and use of the COM framework in Python. A PPT file is also available.

Anyone built an interesting Microsoft Scripting Engine in Python? Sounds like a fun idea.

A bit off topic: I've been playing with Python recently, and really liked the experience (I am not talking language-designer/lawyer here; just average Joe programmer). I needed to grab some web pages (with some nasty authorization/redirection tricks), analyze them, and generate and post an RSS feed. Pretty simple stuff, really. But Python's regular expressions were easy to use, and when I wanted to post the RSS file to xmlStorageSystem, Python's xmlrpclib was real handy. In the process I made use of Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python which I also recommend. It is not really a textbook, but if you are an exprienced programmer it can be handy. One problem with writing good programming texts is finding good examples. The examples in the book are both fun and insightful.

Posted to Python by Ehud Lamm on 3/23/02; 3:12:47 PM