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Ehud Lamm - Apache's JSPA Position  blueArrow
3/25/2002; 12:43:45 PM (reads: 625, responses: 0)
Apache's JSPA Position
Over the past two years members of the JCP Executive Committee, including Apache, have been working on revising the legal agreement members sign with Sun when joining the JCP, known as the "JSPA" (Java Specification Participation Agreement). This document defines many of the rules of the JCP and is responsible for allowing -- and in some cases requiring -- many of the restrictions which have hindered open source implementations of JSR specification.

A detailed explanation of the issues.

Language success depends on this kind of licensing issues, so this debate can have a big impact on Java's future. It also shows some of the sociological and ideological factors.

See also: The JCP Program Chair responds to Apache Software Foundation and JSR 176 licensing terms.

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