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inactiveTopic Erlang Is Worth a Look
started 3/31/2002; 12:37:14 AM - last post 4/1/2002; 10:00:56 PM
Ehud Lamm - Erlang Is Worth a Look  blueArrow
3/31/2002; 12:37:14 AM (reads: 2206, responses: 3)
Erlang Is Worth a Look
Let's write highly-reliable, high-performance distributed applications. While we're at it, let's choose a development language with a "track record" of high productivity.

We'll use the Erlang programming language.

A short and sweet inivitation to Erlang. Nothing new to the Erlang hackers in our midst, but maybe enough to lure others to learn more about this highly interesting language.

We're collecting notes and hyperlinks on Erlang. One ambition for this page is to introduce a functional language for the "working programmer" in a way that makes the academic abstractions found in this specialty more appealing.

Posted to functional by Ehud Lamm on 3/31/02; 12:38:45 AM

Patrick Logan - Re: Erlang Is Worth a Look  blueArrow
3/31/2002; 1:31:38 PM (reads: 952, responses: 0)
I worked with Erlang a little a couple of years ago. Here's a short summary. I was impressed.

Luke Gorrie - Re: Erlang Is Worth a Look  blueArrow
4/1/2002; 6:29:38 AM (reads: 949, responses: 0)
If you do want to try Erlang, I recommend the book Concurrent Programming in Erlang, which you can download from

NB - for me at least, the font looks much better in Acrobat Reader than in gv.

Patrick Logan - Re: Erlang Is Worth a Look  blueArrow
4/1/2002; 10:00:56 PM (reads: 883, responses: 0)
Yes. It's a good book. I recommend buying the hardcopy:

  1. To support the Erlang authors.
  2. The on-line book does not cover the concurrency and message passing aspects, only the sequential aspects.
  3. Good books that are also thin are rare.