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started 11/1/2000; 11:06:40 AM - last post 11/2/2000; 7:57:51 AM
Chris Rathman - Testing Framework  blueArrow
11/1/2000; 11:06:40 AM (reads: 324, responses: 2)
Testing Framework
Though I have my doubts about the XP movement, the one thing I do like is their emphasis on testing - going as far as requiring that the tests be written before the code. The above is a link to the Unit Testing framework that has been written for a number of different languages. The framework is based on Kent Beck's original thesis for Simple Smalltalk Testing.

Along a slightly different line, there is QuickCheck an automatic testing tool for Haskell. Not having to contend with side effects makes the functional language a bit easier to test.

That said, we do know that testing occupies a great deal of the amount of time in software construction - easily outstripping the writing process. I do wonder if there will be any attempts to build a testing apparatus into the syntax of a programming language - similar to Design by Contract- but aimed at directly testing the software. Indeed, there seems to be an overlap between DbC and the idea of specifying the range of tests which should be applied for methods and objects.
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andrew cooke - Re: Testing Framework  blueArrow
11/2/2000; 1:38:52 AM (reads: 314, responses: 1)
You're probably aware of this, but the Software Carpenty project is also developing a testing suite (amongst other things) that is intended to support many languages (initially, probably just C/C++, Java and Python - so not as comprehensive as the link you posted, but the intention is to be as language-neutral as possible).

Chris Rathman - Re: Testing Framework  blueArrow
11/2/2000; 7:57:51 AM (reads: 330, responses: 0)
I read some of the Software Carpentry stuff when it was first proposed. Thanks for pointing it out - lots of interesting discussion along the lines of testing.