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Ehud Lamm - Aspect-oriented compilers  blueArrow
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Aspect-oriented compilers
Aspect-oriented compilers. Eric van Wyk, Oege de Moor and Simon Peyton Jones. GCSE'99 - Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering.

Lazy evaluation allows compiler writers to ignore a separatation into passes, and to focus on the logical structure of their compiler instead. This is also a feature of attribute grammars, which can be viewed as a particular style of lazy functional program...

In this paper we propose a technique for making compiler aspects first class objects, that can be stored, manipulated, and combined.

The paper presents a nice tutorial on using lazy functional programming to build compilers. Only then does it tackle the issue of aspects.

Even if you are not interested in the AOP part, I recommend sections 1-4.

Section 6.4 explains how this work is related to the Intentional Programming efforts at Microsoft.
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