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started 4/2/2002; 7:19:41 AM - last post 6/6/2002; 1:25:56 PM
Ehud Lamm - Note to RSS junkies  blueArrow
4/2/2002; 7:19:41 AM (reads: 1024, responses: 3)
Note to RSS junkies
IF you only read LtU using an RSS aggregator, you should be aware that you may be missing out on interesting messages that don't show on the home page, only in the discussion group. It is worthwhile to check the chronological list of DG messages from time to time.

(Microsoft Rotor grants announcement is a recent example)

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 4/2/02; 7:20:18 AM

Some One - Re: Note to RSS junkies  blueArrow
4/2/2002; 1:51:36 PM (reads: 598, responses: 2)
I am an RSS Junkie for one. The only reason one chooses RSS is that there is so much info out there and one wants a condensed view of it. It's just something we'll have to live with unless comments were RSSed too, which would just defeat the purpose of RSS anyway.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Note to RSS junkies  blueArrow
4/2/2002; 3:10:21 PM (reads: 655, responses: 1)
Oh, I subscribe to many RSS feeds myself. I still try to visit most sites from time to time, to see the stuff that isn't reflected in the RSS feeds. I am not sure why RSSing comments would defeat the purpose of RSS.

Some One - Re: Note to RSS junkies  blueArrow
6/6/2002; 1:25:56 PM (reads: 608, responses: 0)
Well, if the "whole" comments were included that it would become bulky. Comment Title, Author and Link would be just fine. This could be like what Yahoo Group's RSS Feeds do.