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inactiveTopic Sash: The Javascript Runtime
started 4/3/2002; 11:32:25 AM - last post 4/5/2002; 8:10:15 AM
Ehud Lamm - Sash: The Javascript Runtime  blueArrow
4/3/2002; 11:32:25 AM (reads: 651, responses: 3)
Sash: The Javascript Runtime
Sash for Windows is a Javascript runtime environment that allows you to run what essentially looks like native Windows applications that utilize operating system functionality (file systems, networking, native user interface, etc.) using Web technologies (HTML, Javascprit, XML, etc.).

Seems like you can create standard Windows applications, screen savers, desktop toolbars, desk bands and Explorer extensions.

SashXB is a Linux, GNOME, Mozilla implementation of Sash concepts.

Sash sounds interesting to me since one of my pet peeves with Windows is the hard to learn and byzantine programming model.

I am thinking about downloading Sash and giving it a try. Did anyone try it?

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 4/3/02; 11:33:17 AM

Jay Han - Re: Sash: The Javascript Runtime  blueArrow
4/4/2002; 1:46:20 PM (reads: 637, responses: 0)
I am building a small web service and sash looks like a good candidate for building a small desktop client for it. (No Swing, yay!)

But I wonder if anyone know of large programs done in javascript? By "large" I mean something more than "thin client" variety of programs.

Chris Rathman - Re: Sash: The Javascript Runtime  blueArrow
4/4/2002; 3:48:23 PM (reads: 624, responses: 0)
Who needs Windows when you can emulate the Atari 2600 instead? :-)

John D - Re: Sash: The Javascript Runtime  blueArrow
4/5/2002; 8:10:15 AM (reads: 590, responses: 0)
And he's done it again, here... Kaboom!