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Ehud Lamm - Exegesis 4  blueArrow
4/4/2002; 5:11:22 AM (reads: 578, responses: 2)
Exegesis 4
(via Keith Devens)

In Apocalypse 4, Larry explains the fundamental changes to flow and block control in Perl 6. The changes bring fully integrated exceptions; a powerful new switch statement; a coherent mechanism for polymorphic matching; a greatly enhanced for loop; and unification of blocks, subroutines and closures.

Let's dive right in.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 4/4/02; 5:11:45 AM

rev - Re: Exegesis 4  blueArrow
4/4/2002; 2:08:12 PM (reads: 572, responses: 0)
I'm sure most . readers are sly enough to figure this out, but just in case... The link to Apoc4 should be:

Keith Devens - Re: Exegesis 4  blueArrow
4/4/2002; 3:11:21 PM (reads: 562, responses: 0)
As I'm reading the Exegesis, probably the most interesting thing to me is that *every block* is a closure. Every body of every loop is an anonymous subroutine (closure). It's awesome. Unification is good :)