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Chris Rathman - Successful Scheme  blueArrow
11/2/2000; 8:55:11 AM (reads: 300, responses: 1)
Successful Scheme
Mostly just a fluff piece about Scheme but it does provide a kind of backdrop for anyone unfamiliar with language.

On a doubly related note, Cameron Laird also wrote a LinuxWorld article about swarm computing which is the brainchild of the authors of the Scheme book SICP (Abelson and Sussman). Amorphous Computing has to do with using a multitude of (possibly unreliable) processors over a (possibly unreliable) network.
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andrew cooke - Re: Successful Scheme  blueArrow
11/3/2000; 2:13:08 AM (reads: 292, responses: 0)
The film Memento, which I saw just after reading the pages on Amorphous Computing, is a good reminder of how important good coordination is for reliable computation. (It's on general release here, I guess it may be on video in the States by now...).

It was interesting to see that the summary of Sussman's talk emphasised that he *didn't* think much of emergent behaviour, but was trying to make things deterministic (there was a time when I thought emergent behaviour would be pretty neat; then I tried writing some code and started to see just how inefficient and unpredictable it was).