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inactiveTopic Writing dirty R5RS macros
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Ehud Lamm - Writing dirty R5RS macros  blueArrow
4/5/2002; 2:20:16 AM (reads: 1986, responses: 0)
Writing dirty R5RS macros
Over on comp.lang.scheme:

we will write macros that do the things that the R5RS macro system has sought to prevent. This article will also show how to 're-define' a lambda form while still keeping the original 'lambda' available. The redefined lambda acts as if it was infected by a virus, which propagates through the lambda's body infecting other lambdas in turn. Although we will be re-defining all binding forms, we will preserve the semantics of Scheme as given in R5RS.

Are Scheme macros too restrictive or are they too expressive? Interesting demonstration, whatever your opinion.

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