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inactiveTopic IMS XML schemas
started 4/8/2002; 12:05:57 PM - last post 4/8/2002; 12:05:57 PM
Ehud Lamm - IMS XML schemas  blueArrow
4/8/2002; 12:05:57 PM (reads: 210, responses: 0)
IMS Question & Test Interoperability (or see QTI Lite) is a standard XML vocabulary for describing tests and questions (e.g., multiple choice).

I am no XML expert but I find the IMS specification overly compilcated.

For example, when you give a list of answers, some of which are correct and some incorrect, why not use different tags for correct and incorrect answers (or groups of answers) and be done with it. Why use a separate section in the document to specify which answer is correct? (I think this is meant to give greater flexibility. Still, I find it distasteful).

Another issue is the way processing is described. Basically the processing is described awkwardly using XML. Wouldn't it be better to design a DSL to describe processing, and compile it to XML (if this is really required)?