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4/10/2002; 10:37:30 AM (reads: 382, responses: 0)
I attended a meeting last night of the ACCU (Association of C/C++ Users); there was an interesting talk by Nile Geisinger of "dLoo".

He presented an interesting theory of what causes programmers to move to new programming paradigms, and their move beyond Object-Oriented Programming to what they call "Symbol-Oriented Programming". Our discussion about it included mentions of Aspect-Oriented Programming, Web Services, Functional Programming, Security, etc.

dLoo's product, "SpringBox", uses the combination of Symbol-Oriented Programming with web-addressable code units ("Symbols") to build a community-based way of growing domain-specific languages. Current version of SpringBox is written in Python; plans are to move it to being wholly written "in its own Symbols".

It isn't really related, but it reminds me in some ways of the gzigzag project (name change due soon) that implements some of Ted Nelson's original ideas about how information might usefully be structured.

Whether either of these projects yield useful programming language insights, I think they both relate to Lambda's charter in that they show a couple of directions for programming languages to step away from the single-view, linear syntax that they've had for a half-century. I know that such steps have been attempted many times before, and have mostly failed to influence programming languages very much. Don't know why I think that would change now -- wishful thinking?