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Ehud Lamm - What's New in XSLT 2.0  blueArrow
4/13/2002; 10:53:50 AM (reads: 1089, responses: 0)
What's New in XSLT 2.0
Since November 16, 1999, when XSLT 1.0 became a recommendation, it has become quite apparent that certain areas of missing functionality are due for inclusion in the next version of the language. In this article, we'll show how XSLT 2.0 addresses four of these areas.

  • Conversion of result tree fragments to node-sets
  • Multiple output documents
  • Built-in support for grouping
  • User-defined functions (implemented in XSLT)

All issues we discussed here in the past.

Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 4/13/02; 10:55:46 AM