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started 4/13/2002; 1:40:13 PM - last post 4/13/2002; 1:40:13 PM
Ehud Lamm - Template Languages in XSLT  blueArrow
4/13/2002; 1:40:13 PM (reads: 1124, responses: 0)
Template Languages in XSLT
(by and via Jason Diamond)

This article will show you how to implement your own specialized template languages by building up a simple example capable of transforming a music database in XML into any form of HTML.

From a software design point of view this is about MVC (separating data from presentation details). From a language design point of view it is about strartified language design, and about building domain specific languages.

Also, obviously related to the variety of template engines mentioned here in the past, each having its own template description language.

Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 4/13/02; 1:41:44 PM