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inactiveTopic Plots in XML
started 4/14/2002; 9:55:53 AM - last post 4/24/2002; 8:23:38 AM
andrew cooke - Plots in XML  blueArrow
4/14/2002; 9:55:53 AM (reads: 390, responses: 3)
Apologies, this isn't langauge related really, but I thought I remembered a link to an XML-based plot description format here. Now I can't find the reference (having searched for "xml plot"). If this sounds familar to anyone, please post a pointer or email me at Thanks, Andrew.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Plots in XML  blueArrow
4/14/2002; 1:19:50 PM (reads: 418, responses: 0)
Maybe this is what you are thinking of.

andrew cooke - Re: Plots in XML  blueArrow
4/15/2002; 6:18:20 PM (reads: 418, responses: 0)
That was it. Thanks!

Ehud Lamm - Re: Plots in XML  blueArrow
4/24/2002; 8:23:38 AM (reads: 404, responses: 0)
I accidently deleted an email with the subject line "Plots in XML".

If you sent me something like this, please send it again!