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inactiveTopic Once a COBOL programmer...
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Chris Rathman - Once a COBOL programmer...  blueArrow
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Once a COBOL programmer...
Ran across this in a thread on comp.lang.cobol. The Gartner study basically recommends against retraining any of your COBOL people into Java programmers citing a heavy cost. A minor rebuke can be found at Infoworld.

Being in the position where I work with a number of COBOL programmers on a regular basis, I can see where many of them will probably never make the transition to another language. Then again, some of them are quite adept and could be productive in any number of languages.

Either way, most of the COBOL programmers I know have a significant amount of knowledge as far as business processess. If companies want try to replace their COBOL programmers, I think the ramp up costs for learning how a business operates are more significant than learning a new programming language.
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