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Ehud Lamm - Windows Script Host 5.6 (MSDN)  blueArrow
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Windows Script Host 5.6 (MSDN)
Windows Script Host 5.6 Boasts Windows XP Integration, Security, New Object Model. Dino Esposito

Windows Script Host (WSH) 5.6, a major upgrade for the WSH environment, provides some significant improvements over previous versions. A brand new security model that is tightly integrated with security in Windows XP allows administrators to place fine-grained restrictions on scripts reducing the risk from malicious code. In addition, local scripts can now run on remote machines, and enhancements to the object model reduce the amount of boilerplate code needed when writing professional code.

I guess the security enhancements are the more important, but running code on remote machines is what caught my eye..

The article also includes a discussion on scripting in .Net.

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