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started 4/21/2002; 1:11:21 PM - last post 4/21/2002; 2:13:51 PM
Ken Shan - Factasia  blueArrow
4/21/2002; 1:11:21 PM (reads: 385, responses: 1)

"Factasia is a philosophical fantasy about the future of society and the future of technology." But hey, any Web site with an introduction to pure type systems can't be all fantasy, right?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Factasia  blueArrow
4/21/2002; 2:13:51 PM (reads: 435, responses: 0)
Ken, I edited your message so that the link is not in the topic field, since this tends to make it hard for people to get to the text of the messages. As an editor you can create newsitems. Part of their appeal is that they can have a title, a link, and a message body...

And by the way Ken, we are always in need of more semantics related links...