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started 11/7/2000; 12:19:43 AM - last post 11/7/2000; 7:44:12 AM
Ehud Lamm - Interesting Icon Papers  blueArrow
11/7/2000; 12:19:43 AM (reads: 580, responses: 5)
Interesting Icon Papers
I am a fan of Icon, but I think some of these papers would interest non-fans as well.

Specifically the paper about implementing goal directed evaluation (like in Icon or Prolog), and the paper about implementing Jcon, the Icon->JVM translator.

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andrew cooke - Re: Interesting Icon Papers  blueArrow
11/7/2000; 2:36:44 AM (reads: 590, responses: 0)
A programming rather than a languages related question - what is a Power Loop? The Icon paper on goal directed evaluation mentions them and I remember once reading an explanation on the net, but now cannot find any useful references. Anyone have any pointers?

Thanks, Andrew

Ehud Lamm - Re: Interesting Icon Papers  blueArrow
11/7/2000; 3:25:34 AM (reads: 578, responses: 1)
The Finkel book discusses the Power Loop. Amazingly enough the goal directed evaluation paper, mentions the power loop AND Finkel!

Chris Rathman - Re: Interesting Icon Papers  blueArrow
11/7/2000; 6:51:40 AM (reads: 617, responses: 0)
The Finkel book downplays the usefulness of power loops, preferring recursion as the more general solution.

I gather from the material that it is referring to a nested loop and the term power comes from raising the loop to the power of some level (for * for * for = for^3 type of thing). Instead of using recursion to iterate and backtrack through the levels of nesting, the power loop uses straight iteration via an array of pointers.

andrew cooke - Re: Interesting Icon Papers  blueArrow
11/7/2000; 7:28:56 AM (reads: 578, responses: 0)
Cheers. That was it.

Chris Rathman - Re: Interesting Icon Papers  blueArrow
11/7/2000; 7:44:12 AM (reads: 589, responses: 0)
Don't know if it's of any help, but I did cross paths with an Icon afficionado a while back. Most of the discussion was scattered through 3 different websites in various forums, but I did manage to dig up one exchange where we were discussing Icon Success and Failure which is relevant to generators. The discussion was in the middle of a Smalltalk forum so it didn't drag on forever.