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inactiveTopic Modern Web Development textbook?
started 4/27/2002; 11:16:48 AM - last post 5/3/2002; 6:57:32 AM
Ehud Lamm - Modern Web Development textbook?  blueArrow
4/27/2002; 11:16:48 AM (reads: 345, responses: 2)
Is anyone aware of a good textbook covering the basics of the software architecture of the Web? I am thinking about things like web services, SOAP, XML-RPC, WSDL, templates, scripting, XML & XSLT, frameworks (like Zope) etc.

I am not looking for in depth discussions, but I'd prefer a hands on approach.

To make this more on topic, let me add that one of the interesting decisions writing such a book must be the programming language to use (a few years ago Perl and Java would have clearly been the languages used; not so today).

Brent Fulgham - Re: Modern Web Development textbook?  blueArrow
5/2/2002; 9:54:38 AM (reads: 395, responses: 1)
I'm currently reading " Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI" Although this is published by the only-marginally-credible SAMs publishing house, it's actually quite good. I'm going to have to reassess my opinion of them based on this book.

It boasts a respectable groups of authors (from Macromedia and IBM) and is quite readable. I have found it to be highly informative, and to provide a great overview of the various technologies and protocols, their history, and where things seem to be headed. It's admittedly Java-focused, though it does discuss C# as an alternative framework.

It doesn't go far enough into other language options, but the title should be fair warning that they chose to focus on a single programming platform, choosing to discuss the varieties of web services, rather than the varieties of implementing languages.

This nice thing about the Java approach is that most (if not all) of the tools they discuss are available as either Free Software (Apache/Tomcat) or as Free-Beer-Free (from IBM), so it's easy to set up an installation to play with.

I give this about a 9 on my scale -- it was $35 well spent.

andrew cooke - Re: Modern Web Development textbook?  blueArrow
5/3/2002; 6:57:32 AM (reads: 438, responses: 0)
Thanks for the pointer. I was going to ask for more details, but Amazon's site includes a fair chunk of the book for preview, in case anyone else is curious (link in post I'm replying to).