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started 11/9/2000; 4:27:03 AM - last post 11/11/2000; 3:27:31 AM
andrew cooke - Stats?  blueArrow
11/9/2000; 4:27:03 AM (reads: 163, responses: 4)
Are stats for this site visible anywhere? Is readership growing at all?

Hope this appears as discussion only - never used this link before...


PS couldn't find it listed at

Chris Rathman - Re: Stats?  blueArrow
11/9/2000; 7:15:06 AM (reads: 173, responses: 0)
The only numbers I've seen show that Lambda has been in the top 100 weblogs from userland. I guess that's good? :-)

andrew cooke - Re: Stats?  blueArrow
11/9/2000; 9:00:44 AM (reads: 170, responses: 0)
Wow. 447! I had looked at that page some time ago, but didn't see us in it. That might be what, 40-200 different people?

I sometimes (whenever it's not too blatant!) reference this place in posts - I think yesterday I mentioned it in Hack The Planet. Has it been in the list regularly, or just when, for example, someone gives a URL in a more popular forum?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Stats?  blueArrow
11/9/2000; 9:21:32 AM (reads: 168, responses: 0)
We appear there quite regularly (I check it, fanatically!)

However there are ups and downs (we can be 98 one week and 17 the next...).

I don't think it has direct connection with (so-called) spamming. But spreading the word (as I try to do myself) is, of course, helpful.

Another place to check out is the pgae reads on (go to updates, and from there to top 100). Sorry I don't recall the URL.

The information there is cummulative so it is interesting to compare it to the userland site data. However, it is a bit misleading. Sites that are lond time abandoned are still prominent there etc.

Another stat is the member count, of this site. This is growing, but too slowly for my tastes. We are around 30 now.

Of course, lurkers, who don't post, can live a long life without becoming members.

So as I wrote on the banner: join today!

andrew cooke - Re: Stats?  blueArrow
11/11/2000; 3:27:31 AM (reads: 161, responses: 0)
does this make sense to anyone (just thought it might be relevant)?