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started 5/9/2002; 5:15:27 AM - last post 5/11/2002; 12:59:29 AM
Ehud Lamm - XML compression  blueArrow
5/9/2002; 5:15:27 AM (reads: 1510, responses: 1)
XML compression
Peter Drayton writes about XML compression techniques.
Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 5/9/02; 5:17:07 AM

Ehud Lamm - Re: XML compression  blueArrow
5/11/2002; 12:59:29 AM (reads: 884, responses: 0)
Perhaps I should make it clear that ZIP (well, Lempel-Ziv in fact) compression is universal - you can prove that for a sufficiently long text it will be as close to the maximum comporession as you want.

The real issue: 1. working with small files (you can determine a good encoding not based on the text itself, and otherwise reduce the overhead of ZIP) 2. Compressing the data while keeping the structure available in 'clear-text' so that it could be used without decompressing (this can be done by deciding on fixed encodings for the structural elements).