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started 5/10/2002; 2:52:52 PM - last post 5/10/2002; 2:52:52 PM
Ehud Lamm - RSS-AWK  blueArrow
5/10/2002; 2:52:52 PM (reads: 462, responses: 0)
Some people are playing with RSS, and trying to extend what you can do with newsfeeds, so I thought this might be a good time to mention an idea I am toying with. I started thinking about this as a student project, but since none of my students seem interested, maybe someone else will pick it up.

Essentially, this is about building an AWK like langugae (or an AWK extension) that works on RSS feeds, instead of on regular files. Choosing the correct abstractions is easy, since they come from RSS: items, channels etc. But some interesting choices remain (should the RSS feed be treated as an infinite stream, or should programs work on snapshots; how are scripts going to be deployed: should they be webservices etc.)

Maybe a good way to implement this is to extend the Awk Shivers built in Scsh?

Did anyone build such an RSS aware language, that I am unaware of?