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inactiveTopic Oleg's USENIX2001 conference report
started 5/14/2002; 5:33:54 AM - last post 5/14/2002; 7:18:17 AM
Ehud Lamm - Oleg's USENIX2001 conference report  blueArrow
5/14/2002; 5:33:54 AM (reads: 468, responses: 1)
Oleg's USENIX2001 conference report
Oleg was kind enough to allow me to post his complete USENIX2001 report here on LtU! I found it fascinating reading.

Oleg writes:

Please mention that these are my personal impressions. Some of them are rather unflattering -- oh, well, I stand by what I wrote. Others are free to make their own opinions and disagree.

I found the following topics particularly interesting:

  • Scripting for PalmOS
  • Nickle: Language principles and pragmatics
  • Are mallocs free of fragmentation
  • An embedded error recovery and debugging mechanism for scripting extensions
  • High-performance memory-based web servers
I found Oleg's reporting to be very insightful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 5/14/02; 5:35:29 AM

Alex Moffat - Re: Oleg's USENIX2001 conference report  blueArrow
5/14/2002; 7:18:17 AM (reads: 469, responses: 0)
"Web server acceleration via the inverse cache"

DejaNews used to use this technique for their webservers. In front of the boxes running apache/mod_perl that did the "heavy lifting" were boxes that ran squid as a caching proxy. Squid rapidly consummed the data from the apache/mod_perl box and then slowly fed it back to the users browser, which might be over a 56k modem.