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inactiveTopic Gregor, the next generation XSLT compiler
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Ehud Lamm - Gregor, the next generation XSLT compiler  blueArrow
5/14/2002; 11:45:33 PM (reads: 1241, responses: 0)
Gregor, the next generation XSLT compiler
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Gregor (and previously XSLTC: see my article) compiles XSLT stylesheets into binary Java classes that can be executed anywhere, stored in databases, collected in jar files, sent over the net, etc. An additional benefit (noticed by Ken Holman of Crane Softwrights Ltd.) is that stylesheet author's Intellectual Property is protected: stylesheets don't have to be distributed in source form...

Gregor's output, Java classes called 'translets' (the term I coined for my first presentation of XSLTC at WWW9 Conference in Amsterdam 2000), are just a regular Java classes of the form Java compilers produce.

Gregor will not be available for free. The web page provides a succinct discussion of the benefits of compiling XSLT, and the architecture of Gregor.

And what a great name for a transformation engine!

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