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started 5/15/2002; 12:09:15 PM - last post 5/15/2002; 12:09:15 PM
Ehud Lamm - New Departments  blueArrow
5/15/2002; 12:09:15 PM (reads: 890, responses: 0)
New Departments
I've added two new departments:

  1. object-functional for discussions of combining the OOP and functional paradigms.

  2. DSL for discussions of domain specific languages (aka little languages)
Both these topics were discussed here many times. I decided it is time to give them their own departments. As you all know, I simply love DSLs. Now I'll have an easier time finding DSL related posts.

Tip: If you put the name of a department in quotes, you magically get a link to the department itself. Same is true for other shortcuts like Haskell, EOPL, Icon etc. (Yes! I just wrote EOPL inside quotes. No need to remember the URL).

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